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01-22-2013, 08:57 AM
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So next year's Bruins free agents are Horton, Rask and Ference (am I leaving anybody out?)

I am assuming that they will re-sign rask and he will get a raise if he keeps up his current pace, so let's say he goes from 3.5-5.0.

Ference is at 2.5, and I think you could re-sign him for about the same number

If you wanted Perry, you let Horton go, his cap hit is 4 mil.

Then you have Savard's 4 mil, and potentially Thomas' 5 mil cap hit (please correct me if these numbers are wrong)

So, assuming Rask re-signs for 1.5 mil annual raise, and Ference is re-signed for the same number he has now, then the Bruins would have shed 11.5 mil in cap space (one again, correct me if wrong, I am horrible at math).

So, is the issue that the cap is going down so much that they still wouldn't be able to add a pricey UFA like Perry, or are other guys on the Bs due for raises? or both?

If the Bs really wanted to sign Perry, I think they could find a way, especially if you opt for younger, cheaper players at some positions (such as Warsofsky or Bartkowski for Ference). That being said, I think they have shown a desire to build from within around the current core, so I don't think it would be something they actually look at, but there is always the possibility that they see a player like Perry as a great fit for their team.

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