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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
You sound like you've been converted. I don't remember you coming to the dark side like this before.

You have been converted. Still not willing to deal Plecs though correct?
What did it for me was the excitement of seeing us grab a top pick like Galchenyuk. The whole city is nuts for this kid because he has the potential to be an actual star, something we haven't had in ages. And that's a very significant gap in our team's planning. How did we become such a star-less franchise? Answer: because management gave fans the empty promise of immediate gratification instead of the smart strategy of patient development. I understand why it was done from a marketing standpoint, but it's left us pitifully mediocre and going nowhere.

It took a total failure of vision to end up 28th and get a possible future star.

As far as being converted, well, I've been reading your posts the last year and a half and I've appreciated a lot of your logic. I still want to keep a balance of vets -- and I love Plekanec -- but I recognize more clearly that Cup-winning teams don't happen accidentally. You need to assemble many superior pieces, and the most affordable way is to develop 'em. The core we're so proud of is a triumph of development. The core players we gave away to other teams is a memorial to the developing contender we could have been.

Building from youth isn't something I grew up with or ever had to worry about. My first memory was watching Jean Beliveau score his 500th goal from a black-and-white TV smaller than the screen I'm typing on now. I grew up in the 70s when Montreal's calendar for the new year included a pre-printed Stanley Cup parade date. Draft picks? Who cared. We were the Harlem Globetrotters and the rest of the league was the Washington Generals. Bottom line: I'm old and I'm spoiled. Taking the long view of winning meant waiting until next week.

But now I understand how hard it is to be dominant in today's NHL and I'm willing to take a harder look at what works and what doesn't. What's very clear is that our recent strategy DIDN'T work. You don't luck your way into the SCF, and you don't bad-luck your way to 28th. Whatever the Habs did was obviously wrong, so let's reinvent the vision. Deal some vets if it gives us a legit shot at becoming a contender. It doesn't mean I want a rebuild, it means I want to build on what's there.

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