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01-22-2013, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by shaunhil View Post
After watching Chara keep Wheeler in line it was killing me that Burmi was the only one man enough to hit him. Hainsey needs and will get replaced with a man. If that has to be Trouba or someone else it needs to happen. I know a Chara comes once in a blue moon but we need someone that strikes fear into the other team.

It doesn't need to be a D really I just feel this will be Hainseys' last year as a Jet. Usually keep to myself on this forum but come on. No doubt we need goals and I'm just going against the grain hoping it breaks the back to back curse.

Kane and Olli gel today 2 goals on that line and Ladd gets his first of the year. Jets handle the Capitals who start to question there new #1 goalie.
Weak argument.

The Jets already have Buff and Stuart, guys who "strike fear" or play a style similar to what you're after and they're both less than stellar on defense.

The problem with guys who "strike fear" is they usually use that to try and throw a hit which takes them out of position or causes them to get beat.

Yes Hainsey absolutely has holes in his game, but the arguments people use on here to try and discredit him are almost always full of bias and lack any real reasoning. Hell I don't know how many times garret has had to link his Hainsey thread alone on people using arguments that make little to no sense.

And yes I'm aware of my own bias.

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