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01-22-2013, 09:58 AM
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Few things

One timers
-no more flash one timers, by this I mean a computer (or user with button combination) should raise stick and "call" for it

-AI in zone, computer never moves to open ice, never hits lanes, never flashes to the top of the circle, can't recognize when a puck carrier is in trouble

New pentaly system
-interference is rediclious, CPU just levels players without puck at will


Every four years instead of all star game have the Olympic tournament

Be able to find gems in late rounds

Individual scouting reports for special scouting sessions

-customizable masks
-real arena feels (Chelsea dagger for hawks goal)
-new fighting engine
-fights have to have a reason to break out (big hit, shoving after the whistle, hit goalie)

Would also be cool for a button combination to make goalie come out to a long overshot pass/ challenge shooter on breakaway

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