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01-22-2013, 10:01 AM
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Punk I think he will retain and lose the belt to Rock at EC (but will not be surprised if Rock wins.)
ADR (no way Show wins this, as for Ziggler cashing in would make sense as ADR would be vunerable based off the LMS match but I think Ziggler waits.)
Rhodes Scholers (Bryan and Kane need to have a new angle and now is a good time with their graduation from Anger Management. Plus Cody and Sandow will be a good team to carry the titles for a while.)
Kaitlyn vs does not even matter
Cena wins the Rumble (althoughthey could throw a twist here and have a SD guy win and go after ADR at WM and have Cena vs Rock as last two guys at EC where Rock wins. Cena then says since he was last in the EC with Rock he should get a shot at Rock at WM, Punk disagrees and either triple threat happens or Cena and Punk have a #1 contenders match where Cena wins.)

Based on who was in the ring at the end of Raw and it looks they will all be in the match, there are 3 spots left.

Dolph Ziggler (Either 1st or 2nd entrant in Royal Rumble)
John Cena
Randy Orton
Antonio Cesaro
Wade Barrett
The Miz
Jinder Mahal
Drew McIntyre
Heath Slater
Great Khali
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
Titus O'Neil
Cody Rhodes
Damien Sandow
Justin Gabriel
Brodus Clay
Alex Riley
Michael McGillicutty
Curt Hawkins
Kofi Kingston

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