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01-22-2013, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Old Navy Goat View Post
Yes except that Ott's penalty kept it at a 5-3. The biggest issue was the penalty countdown on the feed. The Toronto one was correct while Buffalo's was wrong. I was flipping between games and when I moved down, Buffalo's showed the 5-3 being over, so started to yell at the TV but KSly chased me back to the Toronto feed and it still showed time remaining.
Here's the timeline.

Stafford penalty --> 5v4
Myers penalty --> 5v3
Ott penalty --> delayed start, no change to manpower
Stafford penalty ends --> Ott's penalty starts, still 5v3 (2 penalties running--Myers and Ott)
Myers penalty ends --> 5v4 (Stafford and Myers have finished their penalties, Ott is only one with time still on it)
Ott penalty ends --> 5v5

The issue is when Myers penalty expired, Stafford should have been released (since his penalty expired first), because at that point, only the Ott penalty was left on the clock, meaning the Sabres should only have been 1 player short (4 skaters + 1 goalie). The Sabres broadcast had the timers right IIRC correctly: they had one 5-on-3 timer expire when Stafford's penalty ended, and then started a new ~20 second 5-on-3 timer until Myers penalty expired, and then just regular power play for the remainder of the Ott penalty.

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