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Originally Posted by tmurfin View Post
I could go into an in depth answer, but I'm too lazy to, considering how many times I've had to because this subject always comes up. So to keep it short, the team has gotten significantly younger under Feaster, replacing guys like Conroy, Langkow, Regehr, etc with guys like Butler, Comeau, Stempniak, Hudler, Wideman, Cervenka etc. Not to mention the young guys who are in our lineup and contributing now that he had a part in with Baertschi and Horak. He has managed to make our team faster, younger, more skilled, gave us a new coach (helped rid us of the Sutter clan), and stocked our cupboards with solid prospects through a new scouting staff all while taking on extreme heat and constant insults from a majority of NHL fans. Feaster has won championships at every level he's managed, he's competent, and I'm fine with the path he is trying to take this team on. This was all without mentioning the solid contracts he got for some of our top guys in Giordano and Tanguay.

And fyi, he wasn't in the orginization when Bouw was signed, last year was his first full year as gm, and he HAS emphasized youth and skill. At one point last year the flames had more rookies in the lineup than the Oilers.
Pretty much this. Criticizing Feaster is fine by me but if the arguments given are not even factually correct (signing JayBo, making the team older, poor drafting) then it's hard to take very seriously. The Flames' prospect pool is MONUMENTALLY better than what it was three years ago. Just look it up. The one thing he has not done is to deliberately make the team a bottom feeder by trading away our best players.

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