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12-13-2003, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Trendsetter
yes crapteam. Its an extremely simple form for hockey which gives you results in a regular season game, but is probably the reason why you always fold like a sheep in the postseason

solid defence and two good forwards (sundin, mogilny) to go with a whole lot of brainless bangers working to piss off the other team enough to have them make mistakes. When the refs let your bangers work, your crapteam is hard to stop. It might take you close, but the result is always the same. No cigar. Get used to it
The Leafs always fold up in the postseason? That's news to me. I believe only NJ, Colorado, Dallas, and Detroit have won more playoff rounds since 1999... let's see...

1999 - A team that wasn't expected to even make the playoffs goes to the semi-finals.
2000 - A one line team with supposedly no defense loses to NJ, the SC champs, in the second round.
2001 - Similar team loses to NJ in 7 (after Cujo chokes in games 6/7)
2002 - With the entire top line and #1 defenseman injured, among others, they make it to the semi-finals.
2003 - Lost to an excellent Flyers team in 7.

So 2003 was really the first time in five years that they didn't exceed expectations, or win a round. Always folding, indeed.

It's funny how before the season all the Leaf haters always predict that the Leafs are old and washed up and won't even make the playoffs (even this year, many many people predicted that, even the media!) Then when they win a few rounds but fail to make the finals, it's because they "folded". LOL! You can't have it both ways, people!!!

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