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01-22-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by zeeto View Post
My Sherwood 950, in a Spezza pattern, is getting all chipped up at the tip. I think I'm going to jump to a composite blade from the wood ones I've been using since I started back up last summer, since I've finally settled on that pattern for ice.

Has anybody used a Bandito blade? Any thoughts on it? I'm thinking of picking one up in the Kovalchuk pattern from purehockey since it's $35. It would be going in a AK27 shaft, just on the slim chance someone has actually used this combo before.

I've also read that Warriors lies are usually .5"-1.5" greater than what they actually say. So the 4" Kov pattern is really more like a 5", if anyone has used the Kov pattern, is that true?
The Bandito is a very decent mid-end standard blade.

The lie numbers are misleading as every company measure their lies differently. See if you can ignore them and gauge by curve equivalence and simply 'eyeballing' it. The Kovalchuk is similar to the P88 Kane from Bauer, P40 Hedman from Reebok etc.etc. Check out Jarick's curve chart or the curve database on MSH.

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