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01-22-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
You really are ridiculous. You don't know when to stop. And when you finally find a player who I actually can agree with you on (even though he absolutely is not available) you show videos of him fighting when that is absolutely not what he is about. The guy can score goals and use his big frame to do it. No one cares that he has been in some scraps. The game is NOT ABOUT FIGHTING. What don't you get? You are so frustrating sometimes.
Aside from that, you all need to calm the hell down. Seriously. People are really talking about trading Hagelin? Ha...ha. Same with del zotto. And we have one guy saying Halpern will be off the team by the end of the year. I really wish there was a way to put those people on a posting freeze, kinda like a penalty box....for sheer stupidity. I'm as mad as you are, but keep the sanity. It's been TWO GAMES. You are probably the same people that freaked out after losing to the Kings and Ducks in Sweden and then to the Islanders before winning the first game to start the season. In fact they had a pretty bad october all together. But the team ended up in the ECF. I know it's a shorter season and every point is vital BUT ITS BEEN TWO GAMES. Geez.

so your telling me you would not want a top 6 forward that can change the momentum by getting into the fight/sticking up for his teammates when things go wrong.. i really wish NYR had a Hartnell Lucic type of player..look at what happened when Drew Stafford fought last night. Rangers cant have a top 6 of smaller forwards and one power forward.. no one was complaining when Adam Graves was here and getting into fights, same can be said with Mark Messier.. and another thing.. Callahan is one of the better hitters in the NHL, but he seems the type of player that will break down with age by the way he plays his heart out....just something to consider...

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