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01-22-2013, 10:33 AM
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Reunited...and it feels so good.....

The Pittsburgh Crawfords are pleased to select, SP - Satchel Paige. Paige is rated by baseball historian/statisician supreme Bill James as the 2nd greatest pitcher ever after Walter Johnson. I would not go quite that far though I think he is certainly a top 10 pitcher all-time (I have him 5th).

As James points out:

"What you have in Satchel Paige is a great fastball, great control, a tremendous change, a great understanding of how to pitch, intelligence, determination, absolute composure and a 40 year career. Satchel deserves to rank with Cy Young, Lefty Grove and Walter Johnson as the guys that you talk about when you're trying to determine who was the greatest that ever lived." When it comes to Negro League players, I am not a huge fan of the superlative quotes by opposing Negro League players that make them out to be superhuman in nature. I am a fan however of major league equivalents.

In terms of his major league equivalents according to (, Paige being a pitcher is a bit more difficult to extrapolate with but according to the same MLE's used for Josh Gibson, Paige rates out to be a 302 game winner with a career ERA+ of 126, right in the territory of Tom Seaver and xxx xxxxxx.

Paige also was an absolute workhorse with a rubber arm, taking the mound any chance he got and gives the Crawfords a tandem that played together for the real life Pittsburgh Crawfords in 1936 thereby creating a great synergy for the team.

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