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01-22-2013, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Tyler Sanguine View Post
Wow. This thread was predictable, but I thought it would take more than two games (both wins, btw). This place never ceases to amaze me.
Some whistle past the graveyard, some call a spade a spade. Championship teams, and fans of them, can, nay should, recognize these things. Yes, it's only two games in, and yes, we won both (not that CB had much to do with it, however), but it was glaringly obvious to me that he was out there at times when I didn't think he should be (like on all the PPs). And at times, like near one goal line piliepup in the third, he was basically standing around, showing little effort. I remarked to myself at that time that I'm quite sure the coaching staff will have a sit down with him about that particular play. You'll find no bigger fan of his father than me; Ray is a God. CB, though, needs to realize that despite the relation, he's not entitled. His ceiling skill wise is probably third line, at best, judging from the little I've seen him here and his play in DC, but even to get, and remain, there he'll need O'Reilly-like effort.

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