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01-22-2013, 10:47 AM
Kidmograph tho.
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
No. No I never said any of all. I'm saying that is not what those players were brought here to do. Graves was not brought here to fight, neither was Messier. Hartnell wasn't brought to Philly to fight either. Pacioretty is even less of a fighter than Hartnell is despite the clips you have. Hartnell was brought to Philly to bring the combination of grit and offense. The focus wasn't on his ability to fight. You're obsession with players being willing to drop the gloves is quite frankly disturbing.

The rangers don't exactly have "small" guys in the top 6. Nash, Callahan, and even Gaborik and Richards are not "small" players. Stepan and Hagelin are "small" per say but they are still young, will put on more muscle, and their skill set helps them offset their weakness of strength. Hagelin being able to out skate his opponents helps him avoid less contact. Stepan makes smart plays, outlet passes, before being completely knocked off a puck. I would not want Pacioretty for his fighting. Show me clips of him using his size and driving to the net. Show me clips of letting go a wrister, which I believe is a strength of his. I don't care about his fighting.

The Rangers didn't lose to the penguins because they don't wana drop the gloves to get momentum. Asham did it seconds into the game. What the hell more do you want? You can't fight the entire game or every time the score isn't in your favor. Play the damn game of hockey. Get a capable 6th defenseman who can skate. Rearrange the forward lines to find chemistry. Stop feeding us with this BS about fighting. The momentum of that game changed when Vitale skated right by Bickel almost effortlessly, leading to a goal.

You're way too concerned with the physical aspect of the game. The rangers have physical players. You finish your post rambling about how callahan probably won't last long in this league so that's why RIGHT NOW at this moment in time we should be exploring options for top 6 forwards who can score goals and fight. That's not how you manage a team. And don't give me the crap about Stafford. How many times has he fought in his career? How many more times will he realistically fight this year? As if Callahan hasn't had any scrap in his life, or Nash. And don't mention Lucic as if there are many players in the league like him that can be acquired so easily. I actually admire Milan Lucic. I hate playing against him, but he is a very effective player, and there are not many like him in the league; I truly believe that. So don't throw out names as if they are at a premium in this league and it is an anomaly that the rangers don't have a Lucic.
Sorry man I couldn't get past the first paragraph because you didn't talk about throat chops and face rakes. Not even a mention of choke slam. :

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