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01-22-2013, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by XX View Post
What are your damages? That you didn't receive the experience you expected? Even if you were to somehow convince a court to hear that, you are instantly made whole by a full refund. Not going to happen. It's far, far more likely the city sues for a multitude of reasons. That doesn't mean the team magically stays, though. There's nothing stopping the NHL from just whisking the team away while they sort out some punitive damages for Glendale. They could even let the 31st lapse, go to extend, and be denied. Then they'd have an even better case for walking away, without fear of being sued.

Not really. If January 31st comes and goes, there will be a lot more questions than there are answers. The Coyotes schedule is suspiciously front-loaded with home games. Wouldn't be hard for them to pull the plug, and honestly, they wouldn't be incurring significant losses over what they are already slated to lose. It won't be ugly. Did you see how quickly and quietly Atlanta was snuffed out? You don't think, after all this time (and an arena being built in QC) that there aren't back room dealings?

The Coyotes were $25 million away from moving to Winnipeg over the Thrashers. We are not special
shouldnt you be out on a ledge somewhere?

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