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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
I see, I see.

Thanks man.

Personally, I still can't believe the amount of villainy that O'Reilly is undergoing in this thread, when Mr. Avalanche himself, Joe Sakic, who is my all-time favorite player, signed that offer sheet knowing what it would mean to the Colorado Avalanche should they match.

But I don't blame him one bit, he was looking out for himself, as he should. Because at the end of the day, Professional Sports is a business, and no one looks out for the players but the players themselves. What I mean by that is you can't count on an Organization like you can count on yourself. Eventually organizations move on, they're forced to, it's part of the cycle.

And I'm tired of hearing that "it's not the same situation". I realize it's not, but what IS the same from the two situations is this: Both were RFA's, and both used/are using another team's offer/contract to leverage a better deal with the Avalanche.

The real question we should be asking is why are we so forgiving of the Avalanche's Upper Management? I don't generally have a problem with Greg Sherman, he's in general done quite well with the mess that Francois Giguere left him. But isn't anyone else just tired of good players getting into contract disputes with the team that ultimately led them to being traded? I mean I know it's been brought up, but the Drury trade was nothing short of absolutely terrible. Even if Drury didn't end up being a Top-Line, #1 Center, he still was someone that was invaluable to most of the teams he played on throughout the rest of his career (end of his NYR stint could be debated).

But we know that the trade certainly set the Avalanche back a bit, they never truly recovered from losing his talent on the defensive side of the game, as well as the FO side, and he still had an offensive seems like with Ryan O'Reilly we were finally filling that gaping hole that Drury had left all those years ago.

I'm trying to remain in the center of this issue here, but historical precedence has me leaning toward ROR's side on this issue.

Other teams are paying for potential on some of the contracts being handed out after ELC's, so whether we or the Avalanche Management like it or not, market's are being SET by them. I know they're a fan of the "bridge" contract, and honestly I don't mind them, but that doesn't mean that EVERY player should just roll over and take one. If Ryan wants to be here longterm, then they need to get creative and find a way to make that happen.
The main and most important difference is that Sakic signed an offer sheet with an NHL team.

Rayan signed his with a KHL team, so if he stays there stubbornly we don't get ****.. at least if Sakic left we would have got picks. I can't personally blame him for accepting it, worse case is would have been playing with the Rangers and Gretzky.. It was also a certain thing, we either match and keep him or we don't. Sure, Sakic might have squeezed the Avs pre-cap out of a few million, but at least he didn't hold out for it.

Rayan is playing in Russia in one of the most polluted cities on earth, in a league that's now lost a lot of it's skill and star power, and if he decides to stay there we're basically **** out of luck. It's becoming more and more evident that he apparently cares more about his ego and money than the team or even his career, because the longer he stays in Russia for a little bit of money the more he's going to lose RFA years and building years here in the NHL.

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