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01-22-2013, 11:12 AM
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I was going to make this thread today too.

Kiprusoff was average against San Jose, he plays like what we've come to expect, I think the team can win, confidence in net goes a long way, Niemi bailed out the Sharks and look how they responded, Kipper, lets face it, he let the team down and the team responded in kind. His rebound control and lateral movement against the Sharks was downright bad. His rebound recovery was something you would expect from a rookie, not one of the best scramblers of our time.

Against Anahiem, I thought we should have pulled him. He wasn't just average, he was bad, Irving could have won us that game. I don't know whats up with Kippers rebound control, or his recovery, or puck tracking but he looks like an AHL goalie being thrown into NHL games and I hope he sorts his **** out. We should have won yesterday, hands down, and we lost due in part to a slow start but mainly due to BAD goaltending.

Don't get me wrong I am Kiprusoffs biggest fan, I have two jerseys, countless photos and a giant Kipper banner in the hockey watching room, but I also feel as a goalie watching him play that I may be more critical of the smaller mistakes he normally doesn't make. I mean come on, he even looked rattled playing the puck. He needs to get his head sorted out.

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