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Originally Posted by Mightygoose View Post
Article from the Seattle times. No news on the search for a hockey team to play in the arena.

Levin says 'To my knowledge, there are no teams available'.

Check back in 10 days
Unlike some other prospective Seattle NHL owners, Levin is not in the know, and likely lacks the deep relationships within the highest levels of the NBA & NHL. In that article though, Don Levin was able to confirm something we've known for a while:
"I have had no (recent) contact with Chris. He has probably worked with some other people ... When I spoke to him at some point in the past, he said there were other people interested, so I'm sure he is (pursuing a team with other owners)."
I previously speculated on the identity of our mystery Seattle NHL prospective owner here (link), and it looks as though Seattle PI blogger Nick Eaton, on February 19, 2012, also considers this family a standing member in the usual suspects:
When you think of local multimillionaires who might put up the cash to fund a new NBA and NHL arena in Seattle, a few names come to mind: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, cellular mogul Craig McCaw. So, who the heck is (this Pacific Northwest native & and Bay Area resident) Chris Hansen?

Though I've yet to find a smoking gun, my suspicion is that another Pacific Northwest native & and Bay Area resident, Greg Jamison, who has his own deep ties to the NHL & NBA, is somehow directly or indirectly in on it.

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