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Originally Posted by SeriousHabs View Post
You aren't on the bandwagon if you expect and hope for losses but you keep on watching.

I recommend that you avoid all Montreal media and that you start looking at other teams. St-Louis/Chicago tonight is a good place to start. Watch one period of that game, and tell me that the Habs belong in the same league.

Guess what made both those teams good? Yep, you guessed right!
The Blues were built insanely well, Only one top 5 pick that I can think off recently (Pietrangelo) there's Johnson too but he was traded. They were able to make great late first picks (Oshie, Perron, Berglund) and in later rounds (Backes). They traded for Tarasenko which was an amazing trade for them. There's also the Halak trade which is looking good for them. Their management and scouting is top notch and IMO it's only a matter of time before they win a cup.

It's a combination of amateur and professional scouting, Any team which has an elite scout in each of these will have a chance to win. What has crippled us here is pro scouting, trading and signing the Gomez, Kaberles and Bourques of the league, and signing some vets to long term deals (Markov, Gionta) we are headed towards a decline in skill and cap problems. Bergevin has a lot on his hands to turn the negativity into positive.

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