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01-22-2013, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Luke3026 View Post
I looked it up out curiosity, and here are the Red Bull's average the last 2 years:

2011: 19,691
2012: 18,252

I'm a little surprised. I've never been to a game so I can't attest to how much of that is "paper". Still, seems like decent numbers.
I'll tell you right now those numbers are very very inflated. In 2012, we had at most 5 matches that had 20,000 or more there. And I think I'm overestimating on that count. If you include the playoff match, they hosted 18 MLS matches. If you want to say those 5 were sellouts with an attendance of 25,000 (which they weren't, but I'll pretend for this example), that would mean the attendance for the other 18 matches averaged about 15,000, which I would say is near impossible. There were at least 2 matches that had under 10,000 there. Plenty in the 12-15 range. It was a terrible combo of ridiculously inflating numbers and papering the house significantly on top of that. Anyone who went to a few Red Bulls games can confirm that the crowd was very rarely as high as that average claims to be. Maybe the DC match (and the playoff match), and one or two others at best this year sniffed that level.

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