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01-22-2013, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Jose View Post
Hello Flames fans, I am a Senators fan coming in piece!! I have a question about your management team and how it has handled this roster over the past several years. From my standpoint I do pay attention to all 7 Canadian Teams very closely and it sucks that most of them like the Jets, Flames, Leafs etc are all going through rebuild's even the Senators are but we have fast tracked with it and look like we could be a playoff team.

Anyways I have question about Feaster, Is it him who has wanted all of this to transpire? And when I say this, not being utter about a rebuild when this team to me clearly still needs one and needs to ship out alot of your older players, Like Iggy, Kipper, Tanguay, Jay Bo etc and stockpile as many picks as possible. When ever I see Jay on TV all he says is we want to win now and a rebuild isn't necessary! He has been saying that for the last 3 years and it has resulted in getting players like Jay Bows, Wideman, Hudler, Stempniak etc. And look how the results have turned out, no playoff appearances, then he does the same thing over and over like a carousel. Not even thinking about a rebuild

To me it seems all Feaster emphasizes is free agency and older players. I have not heard him once in my life talk about youth. And even the players don't like to here the word rebuild. When Iginla was asked about it he said if they blow it up her will ask for a trade. I really don't understand that. Or is your owner Murray Edwards advocating all of the instructs to Feaster. And Hartly obviously just has to coach what he is given. But All I am saying is i don't understand the direction of this team and what they are trying to prove? Could you guys please help me come to correspondence with what Flames Nation is doing. Thanks

And how do you guys react or cope with what your management and ownership is doing, are you complacent, mad, neutral??

I'd like to know since there has been alot of talk of the Flames over here in Southern Ontario
I can sum it up pretty easily.

The franchise from the ownership down does not want to suffer the embarrassment of being so bad they 'earn' a top 5 pick. The mandate is to remain competitive while building from within, which they appear to be doing if the last few drafts continue to pan out. While being a loser is acceptable for some other franchises, it is not here.

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