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01-22-2013, 11:24 AM
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I was always told to

1) Practice Practice Practice - And though as a kid i basically ignored it outside of team practices, I know respect it a whole deal. I actually love it. To create schedules of training, to treat everything like a practice of some sort and to always work on your entire game even when no one is looking.

2) Always have two hands on a stick- I didnt always but somewhere along my development I made it into a habit. Now whether I have the puck or not, whether Im alone crashing the net or trying to get open space. I always have two hands on my stick ready for a pass or rebound cuz its the best thing to do in most situations. NOT FOR SPRINTS even though I would reccomend in training purpsoes to hold the stck w both hands always to just adapt to the challenge and make it a habit

3) Head up. Simple as that

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