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01-22-2013, 12:30 PM
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If its during a game, WHO CARES. I dont cherry pick but I could care less. Its up to the defensive team to adapt to the offense. Cherry picking is a gamble and you might win big or you might lose big. Either way its as simple as having 3 players attacking in the zone trying to obtain or keep possession. 1 player staying high in the zone in case of a dump or adding extra man. But then 1 player must be almost shadowing the cherry picker. Best thing for that player to do is play 4-7 feet away from the cherry picker and in front of him. Ready to intercept any dumps or passes and also ready to defend if the pass is complete. Problem is that everyone thinks in a game (amateur or pro) the game should be played a certain way but thats not the case and it should be played within the regulations and rules however the coach/team wishes to play.

I hate cherry pickers during pick up games, practices, open hockey, shinny, what have you. These are locations to have fun, play a smart beautiful kind of hockey. Not about how many goals you can rack up in a friendly or a practice where its meant for learning and practicing.

Open hockey is the worse. Why hang out on the other side, just to score a goal? Play with the team. And I dont mean guys who just leave the zone for a break when their team retains possession. We are talking about real cherry pickers, the guys who r lazy and go for a glory that no one even cares about...

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