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01-22-2013, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilers10 View Post
What exactly is the point of the white shaft?
1) Look. The design is different and pretty cool.

2) Performance. You know how some people say black tape or black blade helps hide the puck? Well in some situations, maybe. But what they find out by asking different goalies and some small experiments was that the white shaft helps the stick blend in with the ice/boards on most shots. In a goalies POV, the opponent is moving fast and the passes are moving faster. The shots moving fastest. When everything is moving side to side and up and down in your zone, your eyes can only adjust so fast and with the white blending in the stick it forces the goalies eyes to adapt slower. Now obviously this is not going to put in more goals for you directly but i cant say it doesnt help.

I personally saw no reason not to try it out. Its a pretty dam good stick, I bought the 70$ one and I like it. It did not hurt my performance. It only made it better, or at least my productivity went up a bit

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