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01-22-2013, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Uh..... what? The NBA's definitely not expanding. In fact, they're probably the least likely to expand of any of the major leagues.
I'm going to disagree with that. I think the NBA certainly might expand; however, I say that with a condition... Could this be the time when the NHL expands before the NBA does? And yes, I think it could be. But it's then when the NBA will expand. If the NHL does it, the NBA will likely follow suit.

Now another possibility... Hypothetically, what happens if Hansen and the Seattle group don't get the Kings? The fight to keep the NBA in Sacramento succeeds, at least for the time being... Is there another likely NBA relocation option out there right now? And if not, does the NBA just sit back and let Seattle waiting to get an NBA team again? Without a relocation option, Seattle definitely becomes an expansion option for the NBA. It's in that case though that I definitely hope the NHL makes the first move.

Now let me bring this back to Kansas City, which is what you were responding to...
Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
The only expansion & relocation options I see right now for the NHL. are Hamilton , Quebec City , Seattle , Houston & Hartford & the reason I think Kansas City is not going to get an NHL. team is because the NBA. is going to expand in 2 years & Kansas City is right at the top of that list when comes to getting an NBA. team .
I think that KC definitely could be an option for the NHL first (unless the NBA takes the expansion route with Seattle, and KC might become a 2nd location). The problem is though, Does the NHL want KC, and is there a potential owner out there somewhere who would want to bring the NHL to KC? I think KC is a risky expansion option for the NHL (perhaps for the NBA too, but I don't know). KC, IMO, seems more like a possible relocation option if needed. A team that'll cost less to bring there, and which could hit the ice being essentially immediately competitive. Given that advantage, I think it reduces substantially that risk which KC presents.

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