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01-22-2013, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by SnapVirus View Post
-Pacioretty u're right, that's why he got 1.65M$ and not 2.75M$.

-Price was used as a #1 goalie before his bridge contract, for two years. Its not because Halak stole his job during one playoff stunt, that this erased what he'd done before.

We all understand the concept about PK playing lot of minutes last year. But he also needs to understand that he's comming off hes ELC contract.

THATS NEGOCIATION. Bergevin's offering 2.75M$ exactly the same ammount as Carey received. Meehan's probably asking for 5M$. If neither is moving. What do you think is going on? Nothing. One day, one of the party will ask the other if they can solve it in the middle, and they will. Thats HOW you make the best business decision. You DEAL. Subban wont have a problem with the organisation. And the organisation wont have a problem with Subban. Thats how the NHL works.

First off, stop saying Carey was a #1 keeper before his bridge contract, he wasn't.
He had two seasons of 41games, and only one of 52. Not only that, but the season before his contract, he won 13 games in a horrible year, losing his #1 spot to Halak.
So, enough with him being a #1 before. He showed potential, but still, there was a lot of question marks.

In MaxPac's case, he had proven absolutely nothing. Only normal for him to get a small deal. However, after only 1 full year, he got an extension. He proved less, playing sheltered minutes at an older age, but yet he gets 4.5M?
Doesn't make much sense to me.

As for PK, he was our #1 Dmen for 3/4 of his career here. He is a top pairing Dman at the very least. He isn't coming off a horrible year like Price was. Not to mention Price signed his deal 3 years ago.
The situations are not comparable, at all.

As for negotiations, you're right on some level. However, a lot more can happen. Parties don't always come together and agree on a deal. There's always the possibility of PK requesting a trade.
Also, we're not in the summer, we're in January playing a shortened season. Not moving or having discussions is unacceptable. It's a sign of poor management.
At least if they were getting closer, then okay, delays can always happen, but not even close to one another? Not discussing things?? Unacceptable.

Also, you, as a GM, need to have vision. Re-signing a kid long term early on will save you cash in the long term. I'm not sure what he's so scared of with PK. But to me, rare are others that will come off ELC and have proven more than PK.
Heck, there's already a big group of examples that came out after their ELC and either proved less than PK or just as much, yet still got their longer term deal.

It's just bad management. Giving PK half of what Prust is making and then asking him to play like a top Dman is unreasonable.

If this is true, then everything would make sense.

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