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01-22-2013, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Scott04 View Post
Well, for the day the playoff match was played the crowd wasn't bad. Not a sellout, but a pretty good crowd, especially considering the short notice of it all. The day of the snow though, under 2,000 is a pretty fair assessment. That day was a mess to say the least.

They do enough that their attendance should be better. It just isn't. I don't know if its because there isn't enough interest in the game, or as is being said that they promote themselves poorly. I definitely feel the latter is a key part of it, but not entirely sure if its all of it. Their marketing definitely needs a lot of work. There's no reason why a team that spends so much on a new building, and on top quality talent (relative to the rest of the league at least) should do such a poor job at drawing. Definitely agree about the identity crisis. They want to be New York so bad that they almost ignore the fact they're New Jersey. I get the idea of wanting to establish some good roots in NY, especially with the Cosmos coming in a few years. But alienating and avoiding NJ isn't going to help them, be it now or when they have some direct competition. It baffles me sometimes.
yeah they try too hard to be NY. All the viewing parties, signings, and events are usually in Manhattan. Viking Army and GSU do a better job in the community in NJ than the team haha.

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