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01-22-2013, 01:20 PM
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This is getting ridiculous. All the distraction crap is purely fabricated by the media. There is no reason for there to be an elephant in the locker room; the only reason there would be is because this trade is "in limbo". If Gillis just comes out and says we are keeping Luongo and playing both goalies due to the shortened season it kills it all. Then you hope some team gets desperate around the deadline or wait until the offseason.

And for franks sake give the season at least 5 games. Neither goalie looked good but our team looked worse. When have the Canucks ever started a season hot?

If we're 8 games into the season and things havent changed then maybe just get rid of him, but that scares me tbh. The thought of leaving an unproven goalie on his own (which supposedly will make him play better..?) in Vancouver is worrisome. If schneider cant handle the pressure of Luongo on the bench, how on earth is he going to handle these absurd canucks fans with a cup-or-bust mentality during the playoffs.

Its just really sad that luongo became the scapegoat of the team the past two seasons. In no way does he deserve it.

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