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01-22-2013, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
We can argue all the day about justifying the pick; it was a mistake to pass on Tarasenko, but not a mistake that needs to be vilified. It was a judgement call and management took the player they liked. I am excited for McI to be a Ranger, though I think there is virtually no shot he becomes a top pairing NHLer. There's no need to call for management's head over it; mistakes happen and this will go down as one. Big deal. Same thing happened to a lot of teams on Giroux, Datsyuk, Lundqvist, etc. That said, Tarasenko would be better for this team than McI. Not sure why we're debating that. We want to win now, our offense looks all kinds of out of sorts and Tarasenko would be a sure thing in the top six adding explosive offensive talent right now. McI's not even in the NHL yet, so he doesn't help us win now. I'm not regretful. I'm not sour about it. It's fine; McI will be a fan favorite when he gets here. I understand most of you are just annoyed about the people throwing fits (again) about taking McIlrath, but there's no point in trying to say Tarasenko wouldn't have been a better pick. It's done. It's the past. Team's pass on guys who end up being better than the one they picked every single year, multiple times.
Why do people keep saying that? None of those guys really fell. They were low round picks that became players much better than anyone expecting. Girioux is the exception, but still he went where everyone thought he would. Tarasenko was a guy that fell and everyone knew he had world class talent.

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