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01-22-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by EpochLink View Post
Raiders, Steelers, Cowboys, Giants I can put ahead of New England fan bases.
I guess its all subject to where you live. I live in New England and am not a Patriot fan. I find many Patriot fans around here arrogant as hell. It wasnt that long ago(maybe a dozen years) that Boston based teams used to hate that about fans of teams from say NY for example.
Now that they have had some success it has gone to their heads. Not all fans are like that mind you. I know many cool fans in all the 4 major sports. I just enjoy seeing the idiots get knocked down a peg or 2.
Being a Steeler fan I know that we have our share of idiots in the fanbase. Just like every other team.

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