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01-22-2013, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Really pleased with what I see in him this year, showing maturity to his game, a lot more solid than previous years. Think the work with Roberts and Eakins deserves a mention. When Kadri hits, he hits solidly. Always had the hands and vision, liked how he came all the way back to Scrivens to play defence. 200 ft game, this was worth waiting for if you are a leafs fan. Lesson here, stop trading our high draft picks, draft/develop/promote.
Kadri was a vicious hitter in the OHL playing amongst his equals. He is not shy to run someone if it strikes him. The progression here now to watch is when all that nasty flair developes to his NHL game,just how valuable he becomes is going to a treat to watch.

I can't see the nasty flair being any further than our first play-off appearance away.

Roberts/Eakins have most likely helped develope a good person with some good knowledge that is going to work into being a good character. The discipline of both could only rub off good way if your receptive like Naz is.

He was mad leaving the ice last night.Hates losing,and you could tell he took it upon himself they lost. Thats awsome.

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