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Originally Posted by Malreg View Post
Can a linesman override another linesman on an off-side call?

The scenario:

Player is skating the puck towards the zone, gets taken down against the boards shy of the blue line. His teammate that was trailing him picked up the puck and continued the rush while the player who fell down is sliding towards the blue line.

The linesman on the blue line had to back into the zone a few feet to avoid the player that was sliding forward. The teammate that picked up the puck carried the puck in before the other players body was completely over the line, and the linesman waved off the off-side. The back linesman, who was all the way across the ice and at the far blue line blew the play off-side after the one who was closest to the play waved it off.

His explanation was that he judged that the closest linesman was no longer in the right position to make the call so he called it offside.


My reaction was if the nearest linesman was no longer in position to make the call(he had to move all of 5 feet into the zone to avoid the player), then why did he wave it off in the first place?
There is nothing in the rules that says you can't, but you shouldn't do it. If your partner has clearly waved it off, you should not discredit them, it makes them look stupid and you should always back them up. If your partner does not make any signal and is out of position, go ahead and call it.

I just let my partner do their own thing and call their own line, even if the benches moan that he's missed something and it looks offside from my position I will just say not my call. Of course I come down to cover the line when I have to.

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