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Originally Posted by TMLKesselftw View Post
I'm surprised that nobody else is surprised by Gunnar's play so far... He's been brutal both games.

On the first goal against he was behind the opponents net when he lost the puck and there was a 2 on 1 (that turned to a 3 on 2) and he was the last man back.

I can't remember exactly what dissapointed me in the season opener against Montreal, but I remember repeatedly being disappointed in Gunnarson.

It's only two games, but he always seems to be that unnoticeable, solid Dman... And so far he hasn't been that at all.
The first goal agains was a fluke deflection of a puck that was going wide, and Gunnar wasn't on the ice. You must be thinking of the second goal, where Gunnarsson was knocked down from behind away from the puck in the clearest example of interference you'll ever seein the NHL. He then got called himself on one of the weakest interference calls you'll ever see, i think on his very next shift. If you can't remember why you were disappointed with Gunnar in the Montreal game, maybe you should move on.

Honestly, I wish all the people talking about Gunnar being at fault for the second goal would actually watch the replay. The only person really at fault was Kulemin with the bad giveaway and backcheck, but even then it would have been fine if Gunnarsson wasn't knocked down.

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