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01-22-2013, 01:13 PM
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Aside from CC being on his game tonight if we have any chance of winning,the OTHER BIG REQUIREMENT is a REQUIRED much better performance from the $11.3 MILLION cap hit numero uno D-pair combo...After 2GP both are -1 ,Seabrook has only 1A,Keith has NO POINTS ---Keith has just 2 shots on goal and Seabrook just 1 shot on goal--and so I ask: THIS is giving us our money's worth? THis is "impacting" and/or "difference-making"? This is affecting any way shape or form the 11 goals in2GP we have as a team offense? This is an "active defense" moving up into the play? This is suffocating "shutdown" D which with our clearly effectie offense ought to make them more like +3 guys instead of -1 guys? In short-ARE they going to show up and play like they are worth those big bucks ,OR merely do the minimum required while counting the balances in their fat bank accounts? TIME for our top pair D-men to SHOW UP and IMPACT the game not just leisurely watch things develop and kill the clock ---DO SOMETHING to justify those big $$$ paid as our top 2 D-men! Yes we won 2 games-but HARDLY because they had much to do with it...So far,P-poor,or at best MEDIOCRE NON-IMPACT from them ...(weel we gotta have some whipping boys,don't we--even after 2 wins --but after 2 mulligams time they SHOWED UP and played to the level we expect for that big wad of $$$ paid them... also NEVER going to scoremuch if you don't fire away on net and do not actively ATTACK from the back- end --obviously these 2 do not subscribe to the Erik Karlsson handbook for impacting a game by being "active" and attacking,or if they wish to do the opposite and stay back and only react, then do not turn pucks over ,do not commit failures to clear,focus on proper positioning and where the puck is and s liklely to go,and do notreact too late...whether attacking or defending ,do it with enthusiasm ,not just another day another job to endure with laclustre minimum effort and clock punching as if doing just enough not to hurt the team too much is
justifying the $$$ outlay and "reputation" will suffice---NO --at some point you gotta IMPACT and be a difference-maker --passing the buck to the forwards to win games "big" so that your own miniscule contribution gets overlooked is a dangerous reliance-- people WILL NOTICE ---so even after 2 wins without much help from 2 and 7,I'm already calling them out to bring their"A" games tonight- another mediocre "C" game from each of them simply willnot suffice...

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