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01-22-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by HarryNealesGarden View Post
Burning a year of his ELC isn't just about cold hard cash (the Golisano/Quinn concern), it's also about sound and responsible cap management. In order to build an elite team in this NHL, especially with the cap coming down considerably, you need young guys on super-cheap contracts. It's just good business sense.

Basically if they think there's a very low chance they win anything this season with or without Grigs, and that playing in the Q won't be overly negative for Grigs' development / playing in the NHL won't be overly positive, you could argue the smart thing to do is to send him back down no matter what and buy an extra season of him at a crazy-cheap cost.

I wouldn't fault them for taking the stance that they're going to send him down unless his actual excellent play (think Myers as a rookie) forces their hand and gives them no choice. I'd rather have Grigs on an ELC in a season where we have a better shot at the Cup than this one. And I hate myself for saying that.

All that said I think he'll stay just because he looks like he belongs, we don't have better options, and they'll be worried sending him down will stunt his growth. That means someone else's gotta get waived or traded though.




Two of those guys have to go, whether by demotion (Grigs), waivers (Ellis, Scott) or trade.
I think the most likely move is waiving Ellis, and finding a trade partner for Brennan for futures.

- Gerbe becomes the spare forward (Ennis and Jochen Insurance)

- McCormick the spare tough guy (if this team is serious, it has to recognize that Kaleta WILL miss time, and you can't dress Scott every night. McCormick still has a role IMO)

- Weber is the 7th

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