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12-13-2003, 06:18 PM
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the penalty shot wasn't due to nedorost's fall...but because allison knocked the net off the moorings, and it was ruled intentional. legwand and orszagh didn't have their best games, erat looked good...but tends to overhandle a bit...where he should just take the shot or make the pass. his lack of size hurts him a bit, as well.'s frustrating to see that so much faith is still in him, because he looks worse every game. agree on timonen....i didn't think eaton had his best game, either. hamhuis and york was our best pairing, defensively. tootoo had a decent hit on krajicek, but was somewhat invisible aside from that. walker started off a little weak, butturned it on in the end. johnson and murray had a good game. hartnell seems to be trying a bit too hard...fumbling with the puck, losing it in his skates, etc. needs to cool off and remember why he's tied for the team lead in goals. timonen first, i thought, "this shouldn't take long," but upon seeing the replay from a different angle, it was NOT conclusively off his hand, and since it was called a GOAL, it should not have overturned. i think this was one of those compensation things, because the replay of the erat goal did NOT conclusively appear to BE a goal. we could blame the game on that...or we could blame the game on two soft goals vokoun let in(that second one, especially. horton's shot was weak, and tomas watched it go in. he DID atone with some pretty incredible saves, but the panthers also saved our bacon by missing 2 yawning nets. also, dudley might have blown a decent chance at the win by being a nice guy and letting nedorost take the penalty shot, rather than jokinen or kozlov, who were both eligible. all in all...a frustrating game in that we should have won it...but a point is a point, and it's a lot better than nothing.


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