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01-22-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
His positioning issues are noticeably reduced. This is particularly true on plays where he has to telescope in and out of his net and transition scoring chances. His stance looks a little more verticle also, which has made his footwork sharper and smoother. If you watch his performances in the shoot outs you can see a lot of it. He's always been an athlete that played goal. Now he's looking like an athletic goalie. With the focus of his work ethic aimed on improved technique I think his consistency and overall performance are going to be very very good.

I know Bob wanted to start, but Bob was under contract. Holmgren should've told Bob he was a young pup who needed to chill for a year or so. The whole idea of insisting on competing every year is excellent, but the mentality of selling out to win it every year is stupid (you can't be a strong contender every year, and Holmgren has shown himself unwilling to give certain things time). But I'm sure you don't disagree, at least with respect to Bob.

Tell me about it. I drafted him first pick in a fantasy league and Rask also early so that I could have essentially four categories on lock every match up. This joker is costing me badly right now. But Hank's Hank. He'll come around.

I don't think a lot of the goals from what I have seen were bad really. Just New York not being organized enough and not playing like New York yet. It's early I think they're gonna figure it out in front of him or Torts will strangle someone.
I agree w/ everything you said regarding bob. I would've liked to keep him a bit longer.

With our luck the rags will put it all together just in time for the game on Thursday

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