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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
When I first saw Eller I thought shades of Sundin. I remember him using his size a lot to protect the puck along the boards and thought he could really become a powerforward type of player. I realize now he doesn't have the raw skills of Sundin. But that aside, I think he doesn't use his strengths as effectively as he could. Someone above mentioned drive. I tend to agree but I call it more involvement. For a guy who can skate like that and has that size seems to me he could get in there and stir things up more, drive the net, get into dirty areas, make things happens etc. He just seems like he doesn't want to ruffle feathers to me. It's like someone needs to piss him off or something.
Exactly my first impression as well.

I do, however see tons of skill from him. What people may miss out on is just how good his stickhandling and shooting is. His skating is nothing to scoff at and his defensive play is strong. The thing that ironically people might miss out on is that the reason he looks to be not doing the things we thought he'd do is because he's doing his job perfectly. He's being responsible around the ice and you can see that on his lines he has to do the lion's share, so he ends up often being gassed by time we're in the O zone. Plekanec has mastered the 2-way game, but over time. It's all about management + if you have capable wingers, you don't have to worry as much about the backcheck and they can dig the puck out sometimes.

If you give this guy space (when was the last time you really saw him on an odd man rush), he is VERY dangerous. He simply doesn't get it since he's on the third line with guys who are slower than him or just a bit out of step (it's been ONE game!) Moen is actually a good fit for him, but he needs another talented stickhandler, good passer, good vision type. You put him with Gio and (let's say he IS better this season), Bourque, I can see him really show us what the hype is all about.

I still think Eller is the bomb and if we don't trade him (wow, would that ever be stupid), in a few years, he'll be one of the best two way forwards and a close to PPG scorer IMO. This is based on watching every game, not looking at stats.

Anyway, I wasn't too worried about this "benching". It's more of a chance to let GallyB play and I guess keep GallyA (ok, Chucky) around for another game, which actually I don't mind at all. Eller will be fine.

I'm more worried about M. Sled pusher and M. Boca Springs.

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