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01-22-2013, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Grudy0 View Post
Of course it's dependent, simply because realignment is a league-wide discussion. If anyone is accepting of the fact that Winnipeg should be moved into a division with teams closer than those in their division now, that invites others with the exact same issue to be brought to bear.
I know what you're saying, but I simply don't agree that it should be the case. There's a primary factor here, that Winnipeg was the recipient of a relocated team and thus never aligned in the League as the other teams were (for good or bad). Part of that reality is certainly that Winnipeg will be placed in the West, and, if there isn't a likely potential of 2 expansion teams in the East, then a team from the West will be put in the East. The League makes that simple decision/swap (though with the League it's probably not simple), and at least Winnipeg is playing in the Western Conference, and the team to replace Winnipeg is playing in the Eastern Conference. And there, finished!

And when I say "finished", I don't mean that the League has done with "realignment", I simply mean that that basic swap has been done. Now/Then if the League wishes to confront a "realignment" of the West (or hell even the East for that matter), then so be it; the owners can debate and vote on exactly which team should get the Central Division spot. And if they can't agree, then Winnipeg just stays there by default, until expansion and a potential 4-Division realignment.

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