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01-22-2013, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Has anybody listened to EEI or the Sports Hub today? They still doing Pats post-mortum or have they mentioned the Bruins? Just curious.
Haven't listened to WEEI, but what a poster recently said doesn't surprise me.

Watching Felger & Mazz on Comcast now. Felger mentioned the Bruins once, and is still taking calls from ticked off Pats fans. Before the commercial break he kinda got called out by a caller. Listened to T&R earlier today and they had Haggs on to talk about the first 2 games and what lies ahead. Didn't listen to any of Gresh & Zo. I would expect that by Friday, or Monday next week, 98.5 will be in full Bruins mode with the occasional segment where Felger rips the Celtics if they continue to struggle. WEEI? They'll probably be wall-to-wall Celtics. I don't listen to Planet Mikey, but a buddy of mine who does says that both he and John Ryder haven't mentioned the word "Bruins" in a sentence since last April during the night shift.

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