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01-22-2013, 02:06 PM
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Sportsnet HD on Videotron

So last night i was all pumped to watch the game.. i had my TV on Rogers sportsnet HD on videotron (channel 661) and the pre-show was going on everything was good.. and the guide clearly showed that the game was coming on at 7:30 and when 7:30 came a static sportsnet screen came up saying that due to NHL broadcasting rights the game was blocked out in my region...

now my first thought was to be pissed at videotron for the mix up .. i quickly checked on the standard definition sportsnet east channel (81) and low and behold it was playing as it should be.

Now i got even more pissed at videotron for the mix up and called them.. to anyone who has HD they know that watching a game on SD on a HD TV sucks big time.

When i called Videotron after a while of talkign with them they found out that Sportsnet had not paid the license fees to broadcast sportsnet east hockey games in HD in the quebec region.

Now to be honest i have no clue what to think... is this really just a mix up? did sportsnet really decided to screw sens fans that live in Gatineau???

None of this makes any sense.. they've had it every single year so why all of the sudden change it now??

I hope this was just a one time thing and that they figured out their mistake by the next game cause this sucks so bad.. i had to watch the game on RDS HD and watching a game in french just isn't the same for me ..

You would think that the Sens would make sure that their contract with Sportsnet makes sure that Sens fans in the entire region can watch the games.


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