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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
You do realise that it's a two way street. This isn't Bergevin's decision alone. If PK is willing to stand by his decision and sit out a full year, that's on him as much as it's on Bergevin. In fact, I'd put more of the blame on PK than I would Bergy. If he lets PK roll him now that he's an RFA, there's no reason every RFA's agent goingforward won't try the same. If PK wants to lose an entire years salary and hinder his market value, that's his decision. It's not up to Bergy to cave to PK's demands and pay him more than he thinks he's worth. It doesn't work that way in the real world.
So let me get this straight.
One of the tasks of a GM is to sign his players, and put forth the best team possible.
Now, if we believe Bobby Mac's words, he is low balling our best young Dman (and possibly player).
In other words, he's trying to screw our most promising young player and failed to sign him, and you blame the player??? Sure, that makes a ton of sense.

You realize that Bergevin's other task is to have vision and properly evaluate his players, so he can figure out what is best for the club in the long term.
We have very little to base ourselves on in order to judge Bergevin regarding this.
MaxPac was given a pretty good deal despite having only one full NHL season under him.
Price got a huge extension that is making him the 3rd best paid goalie in the NHL. Not sure he deserved that, but long term wise, I can agree.
Now, PK, after two full years of good hockey, and good PO performances as well, gets a short term deal. To me, this shows a lack of vision.
The fact that Bergevin is offering PK pretty much half of what he gave to Prust, makes me doubt his evaluation skills.

You're absolutely right, it's not up to Bergevin to cave into demands. Well, so long that those demands were unreasonable.
And this is where we differ, you decided to believe those demands were unreasonable, and that's why he needs to stand firm.
But from what is coming out lately, it seems to be the other way around.
Yet, you're sticking with what you said. Doesn't make sense.
Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
As for what kids, I can think of a few. Tinordi, Bealieu, Gally, Leblanc, Holland, Bournival to name a few.
We're really going to go far with a bunch of bottom six and top 4 Dman (Gally aside).
Meanwhile, the most important player is sitting at home because you're too proud to give him a decent deal.

Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
If you think it's not worth drafting a high end pick because they might hold out, I can only assume you're being facetious. The ONLY RFA who's held out, that I can think of is PK. Patches, Price, Plecks, Gorges etc etc etc ALL signed bridge contracts and as a result were rewarded when they performed as expected. If PK thinks he's better than the past players and deserves to be treated differently, than again, that's his problem. I don't see how he's more special than Patches or Price but he seems to think he is in his mind. I don't see a reason why a future draft pick would pull what PK is pulling now. I can't see Galchenyuk pulling this.
I'm not going to waste more time explaining how Price, MaxPac, Gorges, etc were nowhere near where PK was at the end of their ELC.
If you haven't understood that by now, you'll never will.
Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
I think PK has drank a bit too much of his own Koolaid and wnats to get paid for his brand rather than his play thus far.
So you think 4M for 6years is too much? You think 2years at 2.75M is fair??? (which is more fair for a top pairing Dman, you tell me.)
You realize that those are the numbers being thrown around right now? That the rumors about PK wanting Doughty cash are gone, and gone.
Just to put things into perspective, Prust is making 2.5M for 4years.

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