Thread: Speculation: Nino seeking trade?
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01-22-2013, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by TheRightWay View Post
Okay, let's think about this rationally and from his perspective. Again, Nino is not without fault here because if he was producing he wouldn't be in this situation. So of course he deserves some of the blame. That being said...

Nino, as a 19 year old, was very clearly not ready for the NHL; as you said yourself. Yet despite this, he remained in the NHL. Whose fault is that? Is that Nino's fault? No, it was the Islanders who decided to do that. It was the Islanders who decided to stick him in the press box or have him play 4th line minutes for much of the season. As a 19 year old.

Now again I ask you to put yourself in his position. The Islanders' actions blatantly imply that they were perfectly willing to **** around with - to completely undermine and sacrifice - you and your development for the sake of maintaining salary cap requirements for a single season. If you are Nino, how do you feel about that? Is that a situation you are happy with? Is that an organization that you feel is best serving you and your development? Is that an organization you feel has a plan and long-term outlook for you?

I'll state yet again that Nino is definitely at fault to a degree. But attempting to ignore the significant justifications he has for wanting to go to a different organization is just senseless.
Of course I'd be pissed off. In fact I'd be more determined than ever to reverse the course my career was heading and that appears to be what he is doing in the AHL. I'd also understand that being in the AHL is where I shoulda been last year and that with a condensed schedule like this there will be injuries and if I keep working my ass off and producing like I am the team will have no choice but to call me up.

Isles are very guilty in this don't get me wrong.. I just feel if this report is true it's very uncalled for coming from Nino.

I don't see not being invited to training camp as a slap in the face as many of the other players that normally would have been invited weren't. It was one week I think the Isles just didn't want to disrupt a good thing they had going in B'port since they know what they have there already want the kids to work on a few things knowing they will get called up when the first opportunity arises.

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