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Originally Posted by Cullksinikers View Post
Let's say the Hawks got Vokoun and started Crawford. It's hypothetical. Now, coldsteel, the Hawks are not anywhere closer to a Cup since they have a solid backup. They may put up more points in the regular season with an adequate number two, but they need Crawford or someone to come up big throughout the playoffs.
If we had Crawford and Vokoun, I'd be very happy with the goaltending. It's what I wanted in the offseason but Stan passed on it. I know one of those guys will be good enough. If you are looking for someone to carry the team to wins on his own, I'm not even sure that guy is available.

Kipper is the only one that could be available. I've always liked him but let's see how he does for awhile before calling him the savior. He's getting up there, has a ton of mileage and has been absolute garbage in each of his two starts so far. Obviously it is very early and he will rebound but I don't know that he is that guy to carry a team anymore like you are talking about.

He looked great last year, but he is 36 and as we know, the dropoff can happen at any time with these old guys and it can be a pretty dramatic one too.

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