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01-22-2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by alcanalz View Post
Just because Sid's line hasn't scored in 2 games (to start the season after a long, long layoff) doesn't mean they're all of a sudden worthless wingers.

How easy is it for teams to shut down Sid's line in the playoffs? Philly didn't, he still scored what, 10, 11 points? And the harder defensive assignments that are put on Sid means Geno's line is less defended, and good luck leaving Geno and Neal with the weaker pairings.

This team doesn't need offense. It'd be nice to have Nash or Perry on Sid's wing, but the cost would be too great and at the end of the day wouldn't even have got us out of the first round last year.
It's not just based on two games this season. It's based on evidence from the past, particularly in playoff series where Sid was keyed on strongly by the opposition.

Remember the Detroit series when we won the Cup? Sid was almost a non-factor offensively, because Zetterberg and Lidstrom basically keyed on him and challenged Guerin and Kunitz to burn them. They were incapable of doing anything, so that line was shut down.

The Montreal series a couple of years ago also saw them key on Crosby, leaving his wingers to do the damage. How'd that go for that line?

Heck, Sid "only" had 8 points in one of the highest scoring playoff series in the last 20 years against Philly, producing hardly anything the final 2 or 3 games of that series when Philly began keying on him and leaving it up to his linemates to burn them.

Sid basically has to be in beast mode for his line to produce. When he's not, or when a talented team like Detroit keys on him, his line doesn't produce. So why is it so hard to understand that bringing in a more talented winger who can actually create on his own is necessary evil to ensure that we've got two really, really dangerous lines, even when Sid or Geno aren't at their best?

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