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01-22-2013, 02:30 PM
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I know one thing about Crabb. He can't make this team any softer.

Outside of what Ovi brings on any given night, we largely don't try to dictate the play to our opposition. We are just a mostly listless uninspired bunch. We roll mellow.

Oates will be trying to dictate play by having endless waves of defensemen moving up trying to score, supporting the forwards. Proverbial Zombie Forwards. He may see a thin front needing help, but I more see a team needing an identity. Someone with some fire and passion for the game, to take some of the full load Ovi carries in providing all the momentum for the team. I do think there are clear shifts of momentum in games.

It used to be easiest seen in fights, but those days are long gone.

All it takes is a bit hit from a defensemen. Get the crowd and bench pumped, maybe even Ovi. But ours don't even try. Ovi bears all the load. It's too much for him. Its like he is expected singlehandedly to break down a defense. the other forwards should be pounding the D men, so he doesn't have to. We roll backwards.

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