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01-22-2013, 02:36 PM
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Okay, I've got a response from the Yahoo staff regarding daily rosters:

Hello Joonas,
Thank you for being a Yahoo! user since 2011.
I understand you would like to be able to allow daily roster changes in your Fantasy league. I'm happy to help with this matter.
Leagues currently configured for weekly lineup changes, such as yours, can be changed to daily leagues only on the day before your current lineup deadline.

Example: If your league is currently a Weekly on Monday league, this change can be made on Sunday only. Changes on any other day would result in corrupted rosters.

As a result, we have scheduled your league to be changed over to daily roster changes on Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013.

Also, if you do not specify which type of "Daily" roster format you would like, we will automatically edit your league settings to the Daily-Tomorrow format. However, if you would like the Daily-Today setting that is outlined below, please respond to this email and we'll be more than happy to make this change for you. Daily roster moves and lineup changes will be available once we process this change.

Please advise your team owners of the following:
Any roster moves (add/drop, starter/bench, trades) made prior to the changeover will still take place on the day currently used for Weekly changes.
On the day the changeover is scheduled, please do not add any players to your roster through free agency. If a player who is involved in a pending transaction is picked up as a free agent on this day, it is possible that your leagues rosters will be corrupted.
As mentioned above, we have scheduled your league to be transitioned to the "Daily - Tomorrow" format. The following is a description of the two available daily formats:
Daily - Tomorrow is the standard format for the game. With this setting any player drop or add you process from free agency, waivers, or via trades impacts your lineup for the following day. This setting requires you to plan a day in advance for all new player acquisitions but it also allows more flexibility as you can drop a player after they have played that day since the drop will not impact today's roster.
Daily - Today enables you to make adds or drops for the same day as long as that player's game has not started. This setting is appealing but it has a few drawbacks. With this setting your managers would need to be able to make player adds and drops each morning before the daily slate of games starts. Once a player's game starts, you are not able to waive them if they are in a starting roster position until 12:01 AM PT the next morning. Bench players can be waived, but if a player gets injured during a game, and you want to waive them you will have to wait until the next day if you had them active.
We value your interest in Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. If you have further comments or questions, please feel free to reply to this email and we will gladly assist you.
Yahoo! Customer Care

TL;DR: The change will be made this Sunday, because it can't be made earlier. Please don't add/drop any players on that day, as there is a chance the rosters might become corrupted.

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