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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
I'm not sure how "vowing to never sign another contract w/ the Avalanche" is overwhelmingly different from "vowing to never play for the team again", other than having to finish out his contract at the time.

The gist is, it has happened with even their Star players like Forsberg.
So because the Avs traded Adam Deadmarsh to get ROB BLAKE and another Stanley Cup, they somehow did something wrong? When you say 'it happened with even their star players', WHAT exactly happened? It's HOCKEY. Players get traded all the time.

Again, it can't just be 'a business' when it suits the players' needs and NOT when it suits the owners' needs. It's part of being a HOCKEY PLAYER and has nothing to do with the organization or how they treat their players. Let's say for fun, they DON'T make that swap because of the timing of Deadmarsh's twins and the Kings trade Blake to DETROIT instead. Would that of been better? Gimme a break.

Originally Posted by Zih View Post
I'm betting that we won't like the answer to this. Stastny's been on the decline for several years now and Duchene has no chemistry with anyone on the team.
Yeah clearly.

2009-10 - Mueller & Hejduk - 55 point season (Terrible Chemistry)
2010-11 - Fleischmann & Hejduk - 67 point season (Horrible Chemistry)
2011-12 - Injured Mueller+Hejduk with the C & career lows+ on LW with Stastny + Injured - injury plagued season
2012-13 - 6 days of practice + 1 regular season game (ZERO CHEMISTRY - take him out behind the barn and shoot him)

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