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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
Within the next 10 years Quebec City , Hamilton & Seattle will have NHL. teams ethier via expansion or relocation because I think the NHL. has gone far as it can go in the USA. & start looking at markets that can make them money insted of going to markets that don't want an NHL. team but get it shoved down there throats anyway & thats how you get problems in Phoenix , Columbus , Florida ect. that don't make any money & are burden on the league its self .

I remember durring the whole Balsille fiasco that business experts & media outlets on both sides of the border have said that the NHL. over expaned it self in the USA .
Columbus "doesn't want" a team and is having one shoved down its throat... Ok. Thanks for confirming how ludicrously uninformed you are on the whole situation.

Columbus is DESPERATE to support a decent hockey team. The city went nuts over the Jackets from expansion to the lockout, and again the one season they made the playoffs (as a 7 seed, and were swept). Allstar game tickets were in huge demand, then the game was cancelled. Youth hockey and TV ratings continue to be healthy.

There is absolutely NOTHING about Columbus which suggests it is naturally a poor hockey market. In fact, just the opposite. Any expert will tell you that Columbus is losing money practically in spite of its market strength, from a prolonged period of incomparably poor management... But hey, I guess when the rumor is that they came in as part of Bettman's southern expansion (hint: check a map), then people start talking crazy.

Next time invest 10 minutes in research before saying something so maddeningly, demonstrably wrong. The fact that you're suggesting people are more naturally interested in NHL hockey in Houston, Texas than in Columbus, Ohio really highlights how poor of a position you are in to be suggesting major league changes.

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