Thread: Speculation: Nino seeking trade?
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01-22-2013, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by PWJunior View Post
I'm a little ticked off from this whole situation, but she's not the Isles beat writer anymore. She is not plugged into what is going on with the Isles like Staple is. Why would she report something that happened a week ago and was most likely squashed?

She wanted to generate hits. Her wording of her tweet made it seem like a much bigger deal than it was. So maybe it wasn't irresponsible, but she got played by Nino's agent. It's clear that the agent wants Nino in the NHL and was not happy with not being given a chance at TC. So he approaches Snow and Snow shot him down immediately and it was no longer an issue. Then the agent leaks it to Strang and she jumped on it - thus bringing the Nino 'flub' into the limelight all over the NHL.

Thanks agent and thanks Katie for wrecking my day and making this organization look bad yet once again. All in a days work.

Yeah, I'm still really annoyed.
However, in her line of work being the first to break a story still holds some weight. Like you said it was to generate hits and look how many pages this has generated in such a short time. I don't even see game day threads grow like this.

I am obviously displeased, because instead of doing something productive, I am glued to the computer seeing any last bit of info possible. Yet, to get angry at Strang, as if this would not come out from any other source at some point...

Nino's agent would have gotten to anyone's ear that would listen and just a matter of time before someone reported it.

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