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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post

You can follow the Detroit model simultaneously to all other models.

The Detroit model is to pick Franzen in the 3rd round, Lidstrom in the 3rd round, Zetterberg in the 6th round, and Datsyuk in the 7th round. That's a great model if you can pull it off.

The good news about that model is that you can pull it off regardless of whether or not you're a 1st place or 15th placer team. Lafleurs Guy likes to point out that picks 1-5 are better than 6-10 which are better than 10-15 and so on... but the steepness of the quality versus pick number curves declines at large pick numbers. Pick number 61 is not that much better than pick number 75, and pick number 153 is not that much better than pick 184.

Therefore, the Detroit model is not an alternative to other models, it's complementary.

On that note I'll point out that we're pretty good in the later rounds. 1st pairing dman Markov was a 7th rounder. 2nd line center Plekanec was a 3rd rounder. 2nd line center Grabovski was a 5th rounder. 1st line winger Sergei Kostitsyn was a 7th rounder. Right now, we have former 5th rounder Brenden Gallagher and former 4th rounder Morgan Ellis as two of the better prospects in our system.
What you say is the Detroit model is not the Detroit model. A model is the way a team is built and managed. What you are talking about is drafting specifically, nothing else, and even then that isn't the Detroit model.

What you are explaining is how Detroit has great drafting, and that is but a portion of the Detroit model. I definitely think the Habs have a possibility to match Detroit's drafting techniques and success, and have been as of late.

The Detroit model that I think the Habs need to strive for is maintaining a healthy and effective management group, build around a great core of star players, draft well in all rounds, develop prospects as best we can and most importantly, get beyond stellar coaching. Detroit is the class of the league in the manner of how they compose themselves and run their organization, and if the Habs used that club as a role model I guarantee we would have more success.

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